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Free Buddhist AudioOk, buckle up. ‘Padmasambhava’ by Danavira is, as we’ve come to expect from the man, a rollicking ride of a talk. Actually, ‘talk’ doesn’t really do it justice: try incantation, wrong-footing evocation, dramatic monologue and enactment through storytelling, with a good dose of chanting and singing thrown in – some planned, some spontaneous. Sprinkle in a healthy quotient of hilarity and excitement and you’ve pretty much got yourself a knock-out, world-spinning excursion into the magical realism of the Great Guru, the Second Buddha, the Master of Enchantments. Be shaken by this. Be beguiled…

Please note: In this talk Danavira uses and adapts verses from the excellent ‘Self-Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awareness’ by John Reynolds (Station Hill Press 1989)

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2001

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