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Free Buddhist AudioIn today’s FBA Podcast, we give you the fourth talk in the  “Gautama Buddha” series titled: “The Buddha and Society”, from the launch of Vishvapani’s new book “Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One”. (Quercus, 2011)

The Buddha as a radical, as a holy man, as pragmatist, as tamer of demons, as visionary – in this wide-ranging, riveting talk Vishvapani gives us all these and more, and all in relation to the society Gautama took part in. Some provocative words and questions from the Buddha and from our speaker as we try to get to grips with a world vastly different from our own. What was the Buddha’s social vision, and what can we learn from it? This is essential listening and holds some surprising insights into the life and times of a great sage in and out of his own culture and history.

Talk given in Birmingham, February 2011.

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