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“The creative mind loves when there is no reason to love.” Sangharakshita

Viryajyoti gives the second talk in a series on Compassion for a Modern Word on a theme close to her heart. The Bodhisattva aim is to free all beings from suffering – what about here and now in the 21st century? What is radical kindness? What would it be like to be radically kind?

The Buddha represents the spiritual ideal of Buddhism and through his life and teaching he exemplified a path of increasing selflessness, loving-kindness and a deep desire to help people achieve liberation. So how do we follow the example of the Buddha in our own time? In this age of modernity, what would the total, radical response of a Buddha to the world look like? And is it still possible to be liberated from the world while choosing to work for its good? 

Talk given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre, 2020.


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