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Free Buddhist AudioIn today’s FBA Podcast, “Renunciation – Tasting Freedom,” Saddhanandi says at the beginning of this talk that she’s concerned she won’t fully convey the depth of inspiration she feels about her theme – she shouldn’t have worried, she does it full justice. Her various approaches to her subject include renunciation as giving up unreal expectations, as giving up compulsion, as continuity of purpose and commitment to values, as establishing freedom, as not being blown by the worldly winds. One of her telling quotes is ” … there is no spiritual development without renunciation, and no renunciation without spiritual development …”

This is the first of three talks given on the 2009 UK Women’s Order / Mitra Event. It’s based on the first section of Tsongkhapa’s short text “The Three Principle Aspects of the Path”.

The other talks in the series are “Generating Bodhi Mind” by Vajratara, and “The Path of the Buddha’s Delight” by Samantabhadri.

Given at Taraloka, May 2009.

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