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How might we respond, as Buddhists, to the emerging environmental crises facing the planet? Starting from where his earlier talk, "Saying Goodbye to the Earth," leaves off, Gunopeta explores the implications of what happens when we open our hearts to our deep emotional response to these crises. With the aid of guided meditation, poetry, ritual, and our felt connection to nature and the holiness of place, we can learn to "touch the Earth with love." From this, we enter into a relationship with the Earth out of which gratitude, a sense of responsibility, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and energy emerge in a positively reinforcing spiral, which in turn moves us to join with others in altruistic action on behalf of the Earth and all its beings. This talk was originally given as part of the on-line Touching the Earth retreat, sponsored by Aryaloka Buddhist Center and the Portsmouth (New Hampshire) Buddhist Center, November 2020.


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