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Sanghamani with a great second talk from the 2019 Triratna International Gathering. Her theme on this Alchemy of the Dharma weekend is how we can transform ourselves in order to transform our communities. And she leads with fearlessness in discussing her own work and practice in this regard.

As a fundraiser at the cutting edge of the practice of connection – trying to forge a sense of mutually vital relationship with strangers (who are not necessarily pleased to find you at their door!) – Sanghamani calls on her rich experience of helping people move beyond their own fear. She also shares some moving accounts of her own transformation from an isolated, angry, pained young adulthood into someone who has dedicated her life to a path of love and its exemplification. In this she stands before us as a “luminous pearl” of that commitment to live in harmony with others. 

Recorded at Adhisthana, August 2019.

This talk is part of the series Alchemy of the Dharma (Triratna International Gathering 2019).


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