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Free Buddhist AudioThis recording of songs from the Asvagosha project troupe is a real find in the Dharmachakra Archives.

The Asvagosha project was set up in India in the early 1990s as a way of developing cultural activities among poor ‘ex-Untouchable’ communities in slums and rural areas. Teams of performers visit the localities and put on performances of sketches and specially composed songs. The shows reflect the concerns that are uppermost in the minds of the people from these communities- issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, superstition, and child health. The performers bring a level of humour and energy to their performances, ensuring that the messages are conveyed in a straightforward, unpatronising way.

For more on the Karuna Trust’s vital work with ‘ex-Untouchable’ Indian Buddhists, see their website.


Dhammachari Ratnodaya, Dhammachari Kamalabodhi, Dhammachari Satyadeepa, Dhammachari Yashoratna, Rahul Sownone, Satish Moon


Ananada Panchabhai, tabla
Narendra Kale, harmonium

Original Producers

Dhammachari Siddhartha, Jayant Barve

Digital Remastering

Dhammachari Candradasa

All songs composed by members of the Asvagosha project (except ‘Raho Sukhame’ – composed by Dharmarakshita)

The Asvagosha project is run by Karuna Trust and Bahujan Hitay. Both are non-profit charities.

Tracked version includes the following detail:

01 Asvagosha, Asvagosha

02 Jivanta Dakhala

03 Ek Bano Neka Bano

04 Dhamma Januna Ghe

05 Tumche Amuche Bandhutwache Nate

06 Andaratun Baher Ya Ho

07 Ata Tumhi Te Deepa Wha

08 Mahaparinirvana Sagari

09 Raho Sukhane Ha Manau Ethe

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