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Visuddhimati explores how we really need to know ourselves deeply and experientially to allow us to let go into the deep mystery at the heart of the mandala. She shares her reflections on initiation, spiritual death and rebirth, inspired by a Rilke poem. Using the structure of the Rilke poem she explores how engaging with images and allowing them to unfold their meaning within us, allows us to let go into wisdom.

The mandala symbolism is explained with an emphasis on the significance of the circles of protection, including the circle of the 8 great cremation grounds which we may pass through on our journey into the heart of the mandala. Visuddhimati gives a personal account of the process of turning towards experience, making the darkness conscious in meditation, just sitting in the cremation grounds, and how this opens up the entrance to the bright clear light at the heart of the mandala.

A talk given on the Women's Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana, March 2020.


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