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The Buddha lived 2,500 years ago, so how can we meet him and open ourselves to the inspiration and resources that come from him?  Through imagination we can cultivate the capacity to meet the Buddha on an archetypal level.  This can have a powerful effect, karmically speaking.  We all have - and use - our imagination all the time, even if we don't realise it!  We just need to learn how to 'use it' rather than having it 'use us' in a reactive way, i.e. instead of letting it be 'captured' by unhelpful, unskilful things, we can learn to let it be called to, seeded or sparked by the Buddha (and the Dharma).  Imagination can be seen as a 'faculty' which we can cultivate.  Satyalila offers inspiration and ideas for how to meet the Buddha through imagination. This talk was given at Bristol Buddhist Centre, 2019.


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