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This is another great talk from the ‘Dharma Warriors’ series given at the Buddhafield Festival 2006. Karunagita is the author of ‘Growing as a Parent – What Buddhism Has to Offer’, and here she presents some of that material to an audience of summer loving practitioners under the blue skies of Devon. Settle back and enjoy the sound of drums, kids’ voices, and Karunagita’s perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of raising a child as part of your practice of the Dharma. She encourages us to see and accept the gifts of love, letting go and awareness (of our limitations and of our mortality) that are inherent in the life of any parent – and we catch a hint of the growth and wisdom that are possible for the heart as it opens to meet its experience in the most fundamental relationship of all.

Talk given at the Buddhafield Festival, Devon 2006

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