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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’s FBA Podcast, “Revering and Relying Upon the Dharma” Subhuti reflects on his recent conversations with Bhante which gave rise to his article: ‘Revering and Relying upon the Dharma: Sangharakshita’s approach to Right View’.

A talk given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Combined European Order Weekend at Wymondham College 21 August 2010.

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast is a tender and moving talk by Paramananda entitled “The Nature of Transformation”. Transformation is basically allowing the protective shell of self to dissipate. This shell only falls away if you come into relationship with your real, impermanent, fragile, vulnerable nature and soften into that or open up to that.

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast, “Discipleship”by Dhammadinna. This talk was given at the Triratna Buddhist Order December 2014 Women’s UK and Ireland Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana on 6 December 2014.

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast, “The Diamond Sutra”, is a talk given my Sangharakshita in 1969. If one does not want to ‘get caught in the grip of reality’, one should leave this great text alone! The Perfection of Wisdom Discourse that ‘Cuts Like a Diamond’…

N.B. Reference for this lecture: Buddhist Wisdom Books, translated by E. Conze. (Allen & Unwin, 1958)

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast, is brought to us by Padmavajra called “Padmasambhava and the Magic Of Compassion”. Padmavajra is an ideal person to introduce Padmasamabhava, the great Tantric guru of Tibet. He is both a devotee and a good storyteller – a winning combination as we are brought into vivifying contact with the origins and mysteries of this central Vajrayana figure.

Please note, there is some audio skipping on this recording for a couple of minutes at around the 45 minute point. Oddly, the sense can still be followed.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2006

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