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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, “The Power of Empathy,” Vajrasara explores metta (loving kindness), the subtle art of listening, and Kuan Yin, the mysterious white lady of Compassion.

One of a series of talks on the theme of ‘A Force for Good in the World’, given in the Dharma Parlour at the 2010 Buddhafield Festival in Somerset, UK

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, “Empty Cave: Reflections on Life, Practice and Enlightenment,” Saraha takes us on a journey into the snowy mountains of the Pyrenees where he engaged in a solitary meditation retreat.

He found ‘nothing but the sound of a man breathing’ and hope and direction through emptiness, beauty and the Buddha’s assertion that mindfulness is the way to freedom.

Talk given at Birmingham Buddhist Centre, October 2012.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, Padmavajra takes us on an amazing journey into: “The Tiger’s Cave.” This is the first in an excellent 8-talk sequence by Padmavajra on Zen Buddhism. The series is full of colourful stories and challenging insights from the lives of the great Masters of China and Japan.

This talk introduces the basics and brings us face to face with the Great Emptiness at the heart of practice.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

This talk is part of the series “Tangling Eyebrows with Zen Masters.”

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, “Magic For the Modern World,” Candradasa takes a personal look at aspects of magic in the East and West, considering its place in Buddhist history and practice and also its meeting with Christianity at the time of the Renaissance. What emerges is a picture of how magic defined in various ways can be a powerful metaphor for the everyday work of Buddhist meditation and ethical practice – with the enchantment of love and wisdom fused the only one we need. The Buddha is the Master of Enchantments and his path – a magical training with him – is available to all. The truly marvelous awaits…

Talk given in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, October 2012.
This talk is part of the series “Religion Without God.”

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