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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week is by Parami, entitled The Path to Buddhist Engagement. This talk was given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on Triratna Night, 27 June 2016, during Buddhist Action Month – BAM!

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast this week is by Mahasiddhi, entitled: Maitri, Friendship and Meaning – Being a Buddhist Chaplain In a Non-Buddhist Setting. As part of taking the Dharma into the world, Mahasiddhi talks about his experience as a Buddhist Chaplain and how the Dharma supports and informs his practice with mainly non-Buddhist patients. Mahasiddhi has been practising chaplaincy for nearly four years starting as a volunteer then for nearly past two years has been the Buddhist Chaplain at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast this week is by Vajratara, entitled: Kshanti (Patience): A Response to the Modern World. This talk was given in Sheffield at a unique time in British politics. A few days before, the UK had voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. At a time of political turmoil with reported hate crimes increasing by 57% since the referendum, Vajratara asks how can we have a Buddhist response to political change? How can we respond particularly to the rise of ‘ugly’ nationalism and hate crimes? Does kshanti mean doing nothing, or can it lead to more creative action?

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast this week we hear from Ratnaprabha on Gender and Sexuality In Buddhism. In this very rich and well researched talk at the Stockholms Buddhistcenter (13 June 2011) Ratnaprabha traces the view of gender and sexuality in Buddhism. He addresses these topics in an open and inquiring way, not afraid of treading on ground that many others shy away from; and he raises many new questions. Rich food for further thought.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast today, Prasadachitta delivers a beautiful set of reflections on his personal practice in Whirlpools and Clear Water. This talk by Prasadachitta is like a beautiful stillness amid the whirl of a full Order Convention. His conversational style gradually brings forth the depth of reflection behind it. And the integrity of his personal practice bubbles easily to the surface when, with humility and good humour, he shares his own experience of working across two very human tendencies that have a bearing on friendship. ??

His evocation of the river – now full of whirlpools as it flows through the Neurotaloka, now becalmed as eddies meet and resolve themselves – and his inclusion of poems from Kathleen Raine and Naomi Shihab Nye make this a genuinely lyric talk. Like a closely observed discourse on consciousness meeting Walt Whitman and finding things, in the end, go along just fine…??

With an introduction by Danadasa. Con traduccion en Espanol.??Recorded outdoors at Chintamani Retreat Centre, Mexico, as part of the 2015 Triratna Buddhist Order Pan-American Convention.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast today, The Muni and the Moonlight, Vajrasara reflects on the Buddha, his victory over pleasure and pain, and how we might bring him alive in our lives. Talk given May 2011 at Bristol Buddhist Centre.

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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week is a delightful talk in which Sangharakshita looks at his own poem ‘Sripada’, the translation of which gives the title:Footsteps of Delight. Evoking the more mythical side of his own spiritual quest, he challenges us in ours with an often good humoured look at what it is to Go for Refuge to the Buddha and his teaching in the context of vibrant spiritual community.
With concluding remarks by Dharmachari Kulananda.
Talk given in 2001.

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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week is a dynamic talk by Vadanya calledIs the Buddha Dead for Us?. In this talk on the Buddha’s parinirvana, Vadanya explores how we can use our imagination to have a real living connection with the Buddha, and how we can make our own future potential for enlightenment a source of strength and guidance in our present lives.
Talk given at a Men’s Event, Padmaloka Retreat Centre, October 2011.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast entitled Reverencing the Buddha – I Bow to No One Dead Or Alive Mahamani gives an incredibly passionate talk on reverencing the Buddha. Drawing on her own experiences of struggling to understand the place of ritual in Buddhism, Mahamani guides us on her own path to finally bowing before the Buddha.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast Padmavajra describes how we practice the Dharma so as to create Love, respect and unity within our community and the wider world. Creating Love, Respect and Unity given at the Mens Event titled Beyond Isolation, Building the Buddha Land.

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Free Buddhist AudioThe wonderful Dhammadinna brings us this week’s FBA Podcast entitled Seven Point Mind Training. This is the first of seven talks in a series based on Atisha’s famous ‘The Seven Points of Mind Training’, and influenced both by Chekawa’s commentary and Langri Tangpa’s ‘Eight Verses for Training the Mind’.
This talk was given on April 7th, 2008 and is part of the series Seven Point Mind Training.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a talk by Maitreyabandhu entitledSpiritual Death and Radical Transformation. In this rousing talk Maitreyabandhu goes into where Buddhism begins: with ourselves as we are and with the awake Buddha. But we don’t really know either ourselves or the Buddha. He emphasises that we don’t know because we so easily assume we know, or fix or lessen the goal. So what do we do? There are three approaches we need to balance and four things we have to do, to close the gap between the awake Buddha and us who are as yet unawake. Given at LBC Sangha Night, 13 May 2013.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a talk by Vessantara entitledThe Empty Boat. Early navigators were able to traverse vast distances using intuitive messages from the sun, wind, stars. Going for refuge is kind of a journey that needs ongoing mindfulness, a vision of the goal
The second in a series of four talks by Vessantara exploring Going for Refuge is an accessible talk on the Insight aspect.
From the four-part series, Aspects of Going for Refuge, given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in early 2016.

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Free Buddhist AudioParami delivers this week’s FBA Podcast entitledLiving In The Greater Mandala. She brings this theme alive in the most human, poetic, and inspired of ways.

Her range is broad as she evokes the mandala itself, and the profound, playful path of the Bodhisattva. Calling forth Rumi and Hafiz, the great Buddhist Perfection of Wisdom texts, Keats, Yeats, Robert Hass, and Kenneth White, she illustrates what it looks and feels like to live dedicated to the wellbeing of all as the most natural thing in the world.

As always with Parami, her great experience shines through in this talk – a terrific encouragement to anyone thinking of integrating this perspective of joy into the challenge of everyday life…

Recorded in Adelaide, Australia, October 2015 for the 2015 Triratna International Urban Retreat.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a talk given by Vajrapriya entitledDescend with the View, Ascend with the Conduct. Vajrapriya makes the link between this saying, and Sangharakshita’s explanation of the Noble Eightfold Path as a path of Vision and Transformation; talks about what it means to ascend with the view; and to descend with the conduct; and explores the signs that we’re not keeping these two directions of practice in balance.

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Free Buddhist AudioWe are delighted to bring in Jnanavaca for today’s FBA Podcast entitled The Texture of Reality. In this talk, he explores the notions of conditioned and unconditioned reality, and the relationship between the two.

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Free Buddhist AudioVajratara headlines our FBA Podcast for today with a talk entitled Metta and the Path of Insight. Given on a Young Womens’ Weekend at Taraloka, she discusses how the practice of metta can be more than just the simple cultivation of loving-kindness and positive emotion, and how it can also be a window into deeper truths about the nature of reality.

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Free Buddhist AudioFrom a landmark talk of the same name, our FBA Podcast today is from Parami entitled The Lineage of Inspriation. Here Parami speaks about the lineage of inspiration, one of the four lineages Sangharakshita has handed on to the Triratna Order and movement; lineages of teachings, practices, institutions and inspiration. She evokes the importance of the lineage of inspiration in this burning world, and talks about her own sources of inspiration since she came into contact with the movement in 1977, sharing quotes from a number of Bhante’s early talks which had a profound impact on her.

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Free Buddhist AudioOurFBA Podcast today is from Ratnaguna entitled From Karma Niyama to Dharma Niyama, a talk given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on a Day for Men in Training for Ordination, 13 March 2016.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn today’sFBA Podcast Shifting to Indras Net Parami evokes the reality of interconnectedness in relation to the second Dasadhamma – My life is dependent on others. I am sustained by the gifts of others – She talks about how the experience of interconnectedness is supported by wisdom, and results in compassionate activity. This is the fourth talk of The Order as Practice – Shifting Paradigms retreat.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn today’s FBA Podcast Beyond Heaven and Hell Vajrasara shares her ideas for managing the highs and lows of the 8 Worldly Winds. Talk given October 2011 at Bristol Buddhist Centre.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is entitled Wayfinding by Vessantara. A rich talk using the metaphor of wayfinding to navigate our way across the sea of suffering to the safe refuge of the Buddha Dharma. The first of 4 talks exploring Going For Refuge given on Sangha Night at Cambridge Buddhist Center.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is possibly one of Padmavjra’s best talks given at Padmaloka. Compassion.
This. Given during the October Men’s event 2012.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is so provocative we don’t even need a description. Who Hates the Metta Bhavana? by Jnanavaca. Week two of a five week seminar on the Metta Bhavana practice at the London Buddhist Center.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn today’s FBA Podcast, Evolution, Capitalism and the Buddha Vaddhaka argues that capitalist economics is based upon a narrow evolutionary view associated with social Darwinism and a distorted interpretation of the survival of the fittest. So the question is then: Can modern approaches to evolution help to develop a new approach to economics more in line with buddhist values?

Stockholm Sweden, 22 of February 2016

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast recounts the harrowing and revelatory tale of Kisa Gotami in a talk entitled “A Life-Changing Encounter” by Jvalamalini.

In the story, Kisa Gotami’s grief for her dead child is completely transformed after her contact with the Buddha through the experience of compassion and insight, leading her to a life of spiritual commitment and renunciation.

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Free Buddhist AudioPart of a series from Cambridge Buddhist Centre on the Six Distinctive Emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community, today’s FBA Podcast from Aryajaya is entitled “Commitment is Key“. Here she discusses Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels, a thread that runs through all Buddhist traditions but which is drawn out strongly as a central principle in the Triratna tradition.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is entitled “The Way to the Beyond” by Vimalavajri. Here she offers some reflections on how the Mahaparinibbana Sutta gives us glimpses of awakening by looking at three topics: Ananda’s request for last instructions, the Buddha’s comforting of Ananda’s grief, and the mystery of the Parinirvana itself.

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Free Buddhist AudioContinuing with our journey through the Five Buddha Mandala, we find ourselves at the centre with Vairocana. Today’s FBA Podcast is entitled Sitting At the Centre of the Mandala by Vessantara.

How do we balance the teachings of effort and openness? One way is through the image of the sun and relaxed being. The practice of the Dharma is simply to come back. Yet of course this requires effort.

Another question is the balance between practical and mythical approaches : can we hold both at once? What do we give significance to? what do we make real ? can we open to a world of richer and deeper meaning?

This is the eleventh and last talk of Padmaloka’s 2012 Winter Retreat and is part of the series The Mandala of the Five Buddhas.

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Free Buddhist AudioContinuing around the mandala, we now enter the realm of story and imagination with a journey to the northern realm. In today’s FBA Podcast we move around to the North to meet Amoghasiddhi: Courage and Creativity. Amoghasiddhi is also connected with Spiritual Rebirth, we hear how this relates to insight, becoming more than we are, and the way in which we draw up courage and creativity to transform ourselves and maybe make a difference in the world.
This talk is part of the series The Mandala of the Five Buddhas.

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Free Buddhist AudioContinuing around the mandala, in today’s FBA Podcast we meet Amitabha in a talk by Padmasuri simply called Amitabha.

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Free Buddhist AudioContinuing around the mandala, we enter the realm of Ratnasambhava, the golden Buddha of the South. In “A Personal Take On Upekkha, this weeks FBA Podcastby Ratnavandana.

Continuing the series of personal talks on each of the Brahma Viharas from the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat, Ratnavandana shares an intensely honest, psychologically intimate, beautifully forensic history of her personal relationship to the practice of upekkha (equanimity) throughout her spiritual life. We hear about ways to assess what is going on in the subtler realms of our experience – and how to look to move beyond them so we too can live like a river…

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Free Buddhist AudioHaving now entered the mandala, we begin in the East with Akshobya on the theme of Integration with “The Five Aspects of Dharma Life – Integration”, this weeks by FBA Podcast. Subhuti delves into the fundamental principles behind Integration and invites his hearers to apply them deeply in their own lives. We begin by taking fully responsibility for our karmic agency. This talk is part of the series The Five Aspects of the Dharma Life.

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Free Buddhist AudioFor the next month or so we’ll be entering the mandala with a variety of talks and reflections from members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. We’ll begin at the beginning with “Entering the Mandala” by Vessantara for the first FBA Podcast in this series. Vessantara introduces Mandalas, in terms of personal, symbolic and specifically buddhist representations. He then invites us to enter the Mandala as a initiatory voyage of discovery and development, making reference to the System of Practice and the need to balance effort with openness.
This talk is part of the series The Mandala of the Five Buddhas.

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