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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’s FBA Podcast, Vadanya shares much to reflect on in the “Sutra of Golden Light.” This is the first of two talks given during the Men`s Event in November 2009 on the theme of the Sutra of Golden Light. Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Center, 2009

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Free Buddhist AudioThe Pure Land Sutras are described as practices, not texts to be read and understood, but rather engaged with as if a piece of music, inviting us to awaken our imagination. Ratnaguna gives us a in depth look at the beauty in the Sukhavati Sutras in this week’s FBA Podcast: “Adventures In the Pure Land – Beauty.” This is the 2nd talk in a series of four talks inspired by the Pure Land Sutras at Triratna Night at Manchester Buddhist Centre. February 9th 2015

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a gem from Vajratara entitled: “The Buddha, The Bodhicitta and Bhante.” Vajratara introduces the Bodhicitta in an easily accessible format: what, why and how. She starts with the symbolism of the Buddha’s own Bodhisattva vow at the time of Dipankara, the previous Buddha. She also draws out Sangharakshita s unique understanding of the Bodhicitta and how that has shaped the Triratna Order and Movement.

Given at Tiratanaloka on a retreat for women training for Ordination.

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Free Buddhist AudioDoes Buddhism have anything to say about the recent attacks in Paris? What about liberal democracy; does Buddhism agree? Our FBA Podcast this week, “The Diamond Throne” explores these very questions. With characteristic intelligence and sensitivity, Chairman of the Centre Jnanavaca launches 2015 by exploring such issues via the vision of the Vajrasana – the diamond throne.

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