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Free Buddhist AudioDhammarati brings us this week’sFBA Podcast entitled: “The Triratna Emphasis On Going For Refuge.” Dhammarati explores Going for Refuge and its central emphasis in the Triratna Buddhist Order here, bringing in the story of his own spiritual journey as an example of finding one’s unique response. He also looks to historical sources to identify some of the ways we can deepen our connection practically and experientially.
Talk given on the Men’s Going for Refuge Retreat at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, 2013, Part 1 of a 4-part series.

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Free Buddhist AudioDharmashalin brings us this week’s FBA Podcast: “An Introduction to the Triratna Community.” A broad overview of the conditions and history behind the Triratna Buddhist Community, comes with a healthy side order of questions about narrative and how we tell stories.

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Free Buddhist AudioWe are delighted to share this week’s FBA Podcast entitled, “Introduction to the Brahma Viharas.” Here, Ratnavandana beautifully introduces the Brahma Viharas as an integrated set of practices flowing from metta – loving kindness. Her central image is that of a tree, deep rooted and spreading its canopy wide as she evokes a profound, personal connection to the cultivation of the sublime abodes – loving kindness, compassion, joy with others, and equanimity.

Ratnavandana also leads a guided meditation on cultivating a connection to the Brahma Viharas.

This talk was given as part of the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat at Bristol Buddhist Centre. The full archive of this retreat is available on The Buddhist Center Online.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, “Eros and Beauty – Beauty As Refuge,” Subhadramati continues the series exploring the place of Eros and Beauty in the Buddhist life by drawing out the experience of poetry and connecting with strangers. 26th January 2015, London Buddhist Center

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