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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast “Mindfulness As the Great Love (White Tara)” is a talk given by Vajratara at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre (28th August 2007), about the symbolism of White Tara, as part of a series on Stories and Symbols.

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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’s FBA Podcast “Dwelling In the Presence of the Buddha” Subhuti considers the significance of Sangha day falling on the cusp of winter, and the importance of the seasons in human life. He recalls the genesis of Sangha day from the time of the Buddha, and considers it’s relevance for us here in the 21st century. Ultimately Subhuti focus on the Sangha jewels itself; its vital importance for the individual practitioner and as a real sign of hope for this world.

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast by Ratnaprabha explores“How Genuine Sangha Can Be Created”.

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’s FBA Podcast, is by Vidyamala titled “Can Buddhism Survive and Thrive In a Secular World?”. Based on her experience of teaching both ‘hard core’ Buddhism on the one hand and secular mindfulness on the other in various countries and cultural contexts, Vidyamala explores two opposite positions that can be taken in response to this question.

One can be ‘liberal’ and try to change Buddhism to align with popular values in society, or ‘conservative’ and try to change society to align with traditional Buddhist values.

Is there a middle way between these two extremes, where Buddhism is dynamic, accessible and attractive and yet remains true to the uncompromising and radical teachings of the Buddha?

Talk given at Manchester Buddhism Centre on 28th May 2011, as part of a series of free public talks entitled ‘Buddhism and the Big Question’.

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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’s FBA Podcast, we bring you“The Messengers of the Dharma” by Vajragupta. He offers us a very accurate look at our Order from the perspective of the first three fetters.

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