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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week, “Bhante – Poetry, Myth And Imagination,” is a talk by Dhammadinna given on the Rainy Season Retreat at Manchester Buddhist Centre on Wednesday 19th February 2014. Dhammadinna speaks about Sangharakshita and his emphasis on Imagination as a key to the spiritual life.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast this week, “Make It So – Imagining The Buddha,” Suriyavamsa looks at the role of imagination in the way we shape our everyday world and how we can use this to bring the Buddha to life in our spiritual practice.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast this week, “Entering The Realm Of Perfect Wisdom,” Santavajri shares her connection with the Heart Sutra at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Talk given on 5th May 2008. Part of a series on Great Buddhist Texts.

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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week, “Dharmic Receptivity,” launch of the London Buddhist Center theme for the year by Jnanavaca. Talk given at the LBC’s Dharma Night Class, Monday January 20th 2014

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Free Buddhist AudioVessantara has been on a three year long retreat and as he emerges he has many insights to share. Our FBA Podcast this week is filled with deep reflections marked by clarity and a brilliance we are excited to make available. In “Karma, Rebirth and the Deep Boundless Dharma,” Vessantara offers a concise explanation of karma as he explores the concepts of rebirth. Given at the Triratna Buddhist Order UK and Ireland Men’s Order Weekend at Adhisthana on 1 February 2014.

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