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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast , “The Individual and Community” Dhammarati talks about the Order as the basis for the New Society. Basing his talk in part on the lectures where Sangharakshita originally introduced the idea of the New Society, which also includes interesting material on the Order, specifically the distinctions between Public and Private Ordination and what they represent.

Dhammarati then goes onto to explore the central importance the Triratna Buddhist Order places on communication and connection as a means of personal transformation and the basis from which we influence the world. This gives us the significance of the Triranta Buddhist Order as a community of individuals trying to change themselves and have a positive impact on society making them a nucleus of a new society.

Talk given in a seminar at Dharmapala College, 2010.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast , “Dreaming Angels” is a rousing and challenging talk by Vajratara given on the December 2012 National Order Weekend for women. The full title is “Dreaming Angels Each Imbued with the Mysteries of the Other – Why the Triratna Buddhist Order is Needed and What It Can Do.”

Vajratara begins her talk by evoking the social revolution of Dr Ambedkar. A revolution, she says, which is still needed to overthrow unhelpful attitudes in society, free the disadvantaged and give meaning to those who long for a higher life. She explains how the Triratna Buddhist Order can be in the first rank of the fighting forces in this revolution by referring to the Five Pillars of the Order.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast , “Buddhism: A Force for Good in the World” Vajragupta explores the potential of the Buddha’s teachings to transform society, starting with seeing how the Dhamma has helped millions of people who’ve suffered under the Hindu caste system change their lives. He asks how we’ve done in bringing this part of Bhante’s vision into being in the last 40 years, and encourages us to take opportunities to change society, including helping activists in positive change, and bringing a Buddhist perspective to current social debates.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast , “Buddhism and Peace” Parami thoughtfully asks: What is peace? And what does peace mean for Buddhists? Is it just the absence of war and conflict; guns and screaming?

Or is it also the deep silence that arises when the mind and heart are in harmony – a positive state of mind that can be cultivated both personally and collectively, where good and evil don’t exist as concepts?

This talk was given by Parami at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 30th July 2011 in the series Buddhism and the Big Questions.

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