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Free Buddhist Audio This week’sFBA Podcast entitled “Here Be Dragons: Pitfalls, Disasters and Dead-Ends on the Spiritual Quest” by Vessantara. A hugely enjoyable piece – and something a little bit different from the average Dharma talk. For here we have the Buddhist path laid out in terms of Arthurian legend and the Quest for the Holy Grail. Knights, chivalry, adventures and disasters – it’s all here. And, of course, true wisdom where the gallant, sometimes errant, hero least expects to find it. Just like in a story…

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order Men’s National Order Weekend, August 2002

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Free Buddhist Audio This week’sFBA Podcast entitled “The Heroic Ideal in Buddhism” is a 1969 talk by Sangharakshita. Buddhism is sometimes seen as weak or negative. Using examples from the Pali Canon and Mahayana texts, this lecture shows that, on the contrary, heroic and positive qualities are essential in the Buddhist spiritual aspirant’s quest for Enlightenment.

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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’sFBA Podcast, “Walking On Lotuses”, Punyamala offers a personal talk on receptivity on the anniversary of her seven year review as a private preceptor. To learn more about joining the Triratna Buddhist Order, see The Buddhist Centre Online.

This talk was given by Punyamala on the Triratna Buddhist Order European Order Gathering at Wymondham College August 26 2012. The theme of the gathering was Spiritual Receptivity.

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Free Buddhist Audio In this week’sFBA Podcast, “Parables From the White Lotus Sutra – the Burning House”, Jnanavaca kicks off a new seminar series exploring the myths and parables of the glorious White Lotus Sutra. In this talk he unpacks the wisdom of the parable of the Burning House. Dharma Night at the LBC, April 6th 2015

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