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Free Buddhist AudioIn this weeks FBA Podcast we offer In Conversation with Subhuti. Suryagupta converses with Subhuti about his life and practice. Subhuti has been the President of the London Buddhist Centre for over 30 years and was part of the original team who built the LBC in the 1970s.

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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast this week is by Maitreyi entitled Spiritual Friendship and the Heart’s Release. Our teacher Sangharakshita has said: “It is in friendship (maitri) that we may find the emotional equivalent of the intellectual understanding of the doctrine of ‘no self’”. The gift of these teachings can help us move beyond self-clinging into a deeper and far more mysterious connection with one another; a Greater Love.

This was the keynote talk given at Taraloka for the 2018 Great Gathering (Order Members and GFR mitras).

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast by Danadasa is entitled Faith and Wisdom. In this Buddhist path of transformation, how we relate to practice has a profound effect upon that which unfolds. How do we relate to the idea of path and goal? How do we relate to effort? How do we relate to not knowing? During this 4-week Sangha Night series, Danadasa will explore what is meant by a wise relationship to practice through the perspective of the 5 spiritual faculties, which are mindfulness, conviction, energy, meditation, and discernment.

This talk is part of the series The Five Spiritual Faculties.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast by Sangharakshita a is entitled The Conscious Evolution of Man: Right Effort. Discussing the evolution of consciousness, this lecture explains that at the stage of reflexive consciousness, deliberate effort is required for any further progress. Right Effort is fourfold: preventing and eradicating the unskilful, and cultivating and maintaining the skilful.

Talk given in 1968 as part of the series The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.

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