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Free Buddhist AudioGrounding his talk in the Kosambiya and Anuruddha suttas in this week’s FBA Podcast entitled “Why We Need the New Society”, Vajragupta guides us through how we can create the conditions for the seeds of selflessness to grow and develop in the framework of the New Society as described by Sangharakshita: communities, centres and working together.

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Free Buddhist Audioin this week’s FBA Podcast, Padmavajra, one of Sangharakshita’s closest disciples, offers his own perspective on Sangharakshita as a practitioner with a rich sense of the mythic context pervading all his thinking about the Buddha and his teaching, in a talk entitled “Glimpses of the Mythic Life of Sangharakshita”.

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Free Buddhist Audioin this week’s FBA Podcast, Vidyadevi remembers her time working with Sangharakshita to edit books based on his lectures and seminars. Entitled “Simple Gifts”, it’s a reflection on friendship with her spiritual teacher.

Given during the Rainy Season Retreat at Manchester Buddhist Centre in February 2014.

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Free Buddhist AudioAchala responds to the question, “Who is Sangharakshita?” in this week’s FBA Podcast, drawing from his own experiences and those of others. He looks at Sangharakshita’s significance as a spiritual teacher, his qualities and his life.

This talk was given at Nottingham Buddhist centre in April 2014.

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Free Buddhist AudioVajratara brings us this week’s FBA Podcast entitled: “From the Bodhicaryavatara.” The Mahayana emphasizes the great goal of the spiritual life – the immeasurable energy, wisdom and compassion. This is what life is about, this is what the path of the spiritual practitioner is all about. Vajratara explores Santideva’s Bodhicaryavatara at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 18th March 2008. Part of a series on Great Buddhist Texts.

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