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Free Buddhist AudioWe are pleased to share a talk by Parami for our FBA Podcast today, “Buddhanussati: What Would the Buddha Do Now?” given at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 12th January 2009.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast today, “The Broken Mandala,”, Maitreyabandhu talks about how we need a central mythic thread in our lives, and how without this the mandala of our life is either broken, destructive or chaotic. This personal, inner mandala is mirrored by the public outer world around us. Humanly and spiritually we live in a broken mandala. How do we make sense of our lives? What is our deeper priority? What can we base our mandala around that will lead to true happiness?

The talk was given at Nottingham Buddhist centre on 9th April 2014.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast today, “Forces That Shape the Mind,”, Manjuvajra continues with his thoughts on ‘Evolution and the meaning of life’. Individuals enter this path of a higher evolution by consciously cooperating with the evolutionary process to refine their self consciousness: to purifying the mind as a basis for the next evolutionary step. To purify the mind we must know the mind, so in this talk we explore an analysis of the mind that sheds light on the practical needs of the purification process which is itself achieved through the practice of ethics, mindfulness and meditation. This is the third talk in a series given at the Bristol Buddhist Centre.

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Free Buddhist AudioIn our FBA Podcast today, “Milarepa and the Yak Horn Story,”, Yashobodhi tells the story of Milarepa’s attempt to tackle his disciple Rechungpa’s pride by singing to him from inside a Yak horn.

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