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Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast Guhyavajra explores “Ethics as Insight Practice”. Ethics is as an important stage in the path leading to wisdom, but how are ethics and insight interrelated?

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast entitled “The Texture of Reality”, is an early lecture from Sangharakshita on Insight, recorded in 1966, dealing with the three marks (lakshanas) of conditioned existence and their transcendence via the three liberations (vimokshas).

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast entitled “Meeting the Suffering of the World”, by Maitrisara, was the last in a series of talks at Dharmapala College celebrating “40 Years of the New Society”. Here Maitrisara takes on the topic of compassion in action.

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Free Buddhist AudioA robust talk for this week’s FBA Podcast entitled “A Challenge to the Modern World”, by Sagaraghosa, critiquing structural elements of our society from a Buddhist standpoint, and exploring what we can do to bring about a society more in line with Reality.

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