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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast, “Radical Change – Learning to Be Free ,” is a talk by Sona given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre in April 2012. He explores how we can make real, even radical, changes to our lives through waking up to life with awareness.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast, “Padmasambhava’s Advice to the Three Fortunate Women,” comes to us from Glasgow Buddhist Centre, 2010. Padmolka looks at the first section of Padmasambhava’s Advice to The Three Fortunate Women from The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava. She begins by saying a bit about Padmasambhava subduing the demons of Tibet and the circumstances around the time when this teaching is given.

Padmasambhava is asked for a short, practical teaching which can be learned by heart to help Queen Nang Chung to practice the Dharma and ultimately lead her to Buddhahood.
She then goes through the verse, pulling out it’s themes and meaning.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a quite unusual and unexpectedly intimate talk from Sangharakshita, “Dreams and Rebirth.” Given at the wonderful old converted church that is now the resplendent Sheffield Buddhist Centre in the UK. Some lovely, evocative accounts from his personal dreamlife – tales of mediaeval monks! – and a significant and highly personal exploration of the whole area of Buddhist views on rebirth and re-becoming. Much food for thought here from a wholly atmospheric and clearly enjoyable occasion.
Talk given at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre, 2008

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast“The Mandala of the Buddha,” is a talk given by Kamalashila on the 2012 Triratna International Retreat, in which he explores the ‘Mandala of the Buddha’ – some of the Buddha’s many qualities which, perhaps, gave rise to the later Mahayana ‘Mandala of the Five Buddhas’.

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