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Free Buddhist AudioFBA Podcast, this week, “Conditionality and Meditation” is a talk by Vessantara who has just completed a three year, three month, three day retreat.

Conditionality is a central theme of the teaching of the Buddha, and it is very helpful to bring our understanding of it into the arena of our meditation practice. During this talk, Vessantara looks at how to set up good conditions for our meditation to unfold in a natural, expansive way. He also explores how to meditate on conditionality, so that we take our understanding of it deeper, until we know its truth in our bones, and conditionality becomes our natural way of seeing the world.

Talk given at the Bristol Buddhist Centre, 2012.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast, The Therigatha and the Problem of Self“by Dassini, takes us into the lives of the early bhikkunis. Two verses by elderly nuns, Dhamma and Citta, give rise to reflection on letting go of fixed self view as a major component of breaking through to Enlightenment.

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Free Buddhist AudioFBA Podcast, “The Six Elements,” Ratnaprabha introduces us to earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness as the mystery of human experience. He then describes how to use the elements in meditation and life.

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Free Buddhist AudioFBA Podcast, “Continuous Spiritual Death – Continuous Spiritual Rebirth” Padmavajra speaks about the stages of spiritual death and rebirth, specifically how to prepare for them, how they can be seen in all the stages of the path, as well as where they lead.

Talk given on a Kula Gathering at Padmaloka, 2012.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast is a delightful talk by Danapriya titled: “Let your Inner Riches Shine.” Exploring the themes of generosity and abundance, we are led into the heart of Buddhist practice.

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