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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is entitled “Sanghakaya and the Heart’s Release” by Maitreyi. She describes having somewhat of an epiphany on first hearing the term ‘Sanghakaya’ in a talk by Subhuti in India. It seemed to give expression to a whole direction and momentum of her life and practice, while simultaneously both deepening and opening out the mystery of the enlightened mind, expanding beyond any sense of individual consciousness or attainment. This talk is about the Sangha Jewel and it’s place in the spiritual life, given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on Triratna Night, 14 December 2015.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is a tribute to our teacher, Bhante Sangharakshita, given by Parami entitled “Revisiting the New Society”, the third talk of The Order as Practice – Shifting Paradigms retreat. Parami talks about the first verse of the Dasadhamma Sutta – “I am no longer living according to worldly aims and values.” She revisits Bhantes vision of the New Society, sharing her inspiration and love for the radical and transformative power of the Dharma.

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Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Podcast is a tribute to our teacher, Bhante Sangharakshita, given by Padmavajra entitled “Glimpses of the Mythic Life of Sangharakshita”.

Urgyen Sangharakshita, the founder of the Western Buddhist Order, is many things to many people. Yet all inspiration and controversies aside, he is first and foremost a follower of the Buddha’s way and his own evocations of his personal practice give many clues as to the nature of a committed Dharma life.
Here Padmavajra, one of his closest disciples, offers his own perspective on Sangharakshita as a practitioner with a rich sense of the mythic context pervading all his thinking about the Buddha and his teaching.

Talk given in 2008.

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Free Buddhist AudioWe’ve been inspired to share writings and poems by Bhante Sangharakshita this month. Our FBA Podcast today, “Sangharakshita – Facing Mount Kanchenjunga”, is a delightful talk from 1991. Sangharakshita starts by reading an extract from the new volume of his autobiography, Facing Mount Kanchenjunga. He follows this by talking about and reading eight poems that he composed in Kalimpong which give a real feel for his appreciation of the place but also for his worries about the effect of logging in the mountains.

The talk was given on November 28, 1991, in Croydon Buddhist Centre as part of the book launch for his autobiography.

Croydon has been home to FWBO or Triratna Buddhist communities and centres since 1968. Many early talks by well known speakers were recorded, both at Aryatara, since 1979, and at the new Croydon Centre from 1981. These are now being transferred from their crumbling cassettes to digital format, as part of the Croydon Digital Archive Project, and are being made available to everyone.

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