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Free Buddhist AudioHow do we know? This week’s FBA Podcast is the first of three rambles from Subhuti, entitled “Knowledge of Reality – Ramble One”. Subhuti draws inspiration from Europe’s first Buddhist, Schopenhauer, and India’s ancient Yogachara. With immaculate clarity Subhuti takes us deep into the nature of mind and beyond. Talk given at the London Buddhist Centre in October 2014.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’sFBA Podcast, “Sowing Seeds In the Soil of the Mind – The Alaya” by Ratnaprabha.

The alaya or storehouse consciousness is the Buddhist equivalent of the unconscious mind. It is like a garden, in which every experience and action sows a seed which may later sprout and create our unfolding life. This talk describes how this relates to the six sense awarenesses, the mind as a sense, and the contaminated mind which reads everything in terms of self and not self. Mindfulness finds a creative path between leaving the alaya on autopilot, and allowing the contaminated mind to interfere and fill the garden with weeds and rubbish.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’sFBA Podcast is a talk from Vadanya entitled “Stirring the Depths.” From the depths of ourselves to the depths of the universe, Vadanya reminds us that to be fulfilled we need to live a life in harmony with the nature of reality Using images, mantra, mythic stories to bring us into the depths of our experience, this beautiful talk was given on a men’s ordination training retreat at Padmaloka.

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Free Buddhist AudioThis week’sFBA Podcast is a talk from Parami on “Buddha Day (2012).” Celebrating the Buddha’s Enlightenment on the full moon day in May, Parami delivers an inspiring talk marking this occasion at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

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Free Buddhist AudioWe’ve all read the words of the Buddha – but what did he SOUND like? What might it have been like to actually hear him…? In ourFBA Podcast: this week, Ratnaguna gives us a beautifully imaginative and well-researched evovation of the Buddha entitled:“The Voice of the Buddha.” Talk given on the 2012 Triratna International Retreat, under the overall theme ‘Imagining the Buddha.’

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