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Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Podcast today, “Sangha in the Context of Contemporary Buddhism,” is from two of our speakers, Parami and Ratnaghosha. Together they deliver two excellent talks that reflect on the area of sangha from inner and outer perspectives respectively. How does the FWBO’s approach square up with that of other traditions? And how might we continue to work on our practice of sangha as an integral part of our personal practice of the Dharma. As usual from two of our most thoughtful speakers, there is much to consider here – in which any Buddhist will likely recognise the challenge and the joy.

This is the last in the series organised by ‘Dharmapala College’ to mark the 40th anniversary of the Western Buddhist Order. The series looked at the Order and the FWBO taken together – past and future: its own emphases, and its relationship to the whole Buddhist tradition…

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